Celestial Seasonings Unsweetened Black Iced Tea K-Cup 24ct.


As simple as it gets. Our Unsweetened Black Tea is as simple as it gets a classic full-bodied iced tea, nothing more and nothing less.

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Here’s a classic, full-bodied iced tea for purists everywhere. Celestial Seasonings® Unsweetened Black Perfect Iced Tea is a perfectly straightforward blend of rich and subtly floral black teas from around the world – nothing more, nothing less.
Black tea with tea extract

Brewing Tips:

For best results, we recommend that you fill a tall (16 oz.) cup (do not use glass) with ice and place under brewer. Shake K-Cup and place in brewer. Choose your brew size (6 or 8 oz.) and press “brew.” Add additional ice as needed.
A whole new way to enjoy your Keurig® brewer. Just in time for backyard barbecues and parties by the pool! Your Keurig brewer now makes delicious, refreshing iced coffee and tea at the touch of a button. Our new Brew Over Ice K-Cup packs contain more coffee or tea—the perfect amount to create a cool, breezy brew. They’re specially designed to brew directly over ice.